Island-style on island time, the Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago making up a string of tropical islands stretching out 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida. The islands lie along the Florida Straits, dividing the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the Gulf of Mexico to the northwest, and defining one edge of Florida Bay. This beautiful arrays of islands are built for relaxing on white-sand beaches under a palm tree, sipping tropical drinks, while lounging on a hammock to unwind. Right after an unmatched day at some world’s top-rated inshore/offshore fishing, diving, snorkeling, boating, reefs, and wrecks; along with delivering just about any other water-nature activities that exist. Soar above the beautiful islands and blue water in a helicopter, ultralight, or parasailing, explore the open ocean for dinner, sighting, and sunset cruises, and don’t miss the opportunity at some world’s best fishing and diving spots. On top of all the fun, are some nation’s most delicate preserves, sanctions, and wilderness that flourish off these amazing islands. Get a glimpse of Florida’s Key Deer, cutest tiny deer ever. Even though there are islands you may explore overseas nearby, including 90 miles away from Cuba, makes it hard to leave knowing there are still treasures of gold in these waters.

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