Come experience all the world-famous beaches, architecture, spas, dining, nightlife, and enjoyment Miami Beach boasts. The artworks and architectures of Miami Beach include over eight hundred architecturally protected buildings from the 1930s – 1940s, shelled by this beautiful surrounding are first-class spas, fine dining, and incredible nightlife throughout its South Florida oceanfront. Exquisite hotels and cafes along its historical streets, gorgeous tennis and golf courses, and amazing biking, fishing, and touring adventures, brands Miami Beach everyone’s favorite vacation spot.

Miami Beach is a part of the region known as the “Wreck Dive Capital of the World.” Experience the underwater thrill of diving these amazing shallow and offshore reefs and shipwrecks that are scattered throughout the beautiful turquoise blue waters of South Florida.

Get an exciting new perspective of Miami Beach from a bird’s-eye view Parasailing over its turquoise blue waters and beautiful beaches thriving with marine life and people enjoying the ocean. Soar up over Miami Beach with the soft wind blowing by your face, hundreds of feet in the air, while enjoying breath-taking views of dolphins playing, stingrays and other marine life shadowing under the pristine water, and people relaxing on the beaches; all while the beautiful sunset skies envelop you.

World-class Miami Beach delivers world-class fishing right off its coast. Miami Beach has some of the finest fishing vessels, chartered by some of the best anglers on the planet, enjoy a real catch of a day exploring the pristine water offshore Miami Beach with exploding fishing experiences that help carry Miami Beach’s fishing reputation so easily.

Enjoy a variety of Cruises over the pristine waters of Miami Beach. Take Jet Skis touring throughout the waterways, make a romantic Dinner Cruise, enjoy a Sunset Sailboat Tour, or even indulge in a luxurious Yacht Cruise. Take your pick of excitement and enjoy the beautiful area of Miami Beach.

Surfing is clear in Miami Beach, with pristine water and dominant surf destinations, especially when the surf’s up. Rent a surfboard or bodyboard for your own beaching adventure, or grab a Surfboard Lesson from one of the many local surfing experts who are eager to guide you right into a successful and fun-filled day Surfing in South Florida.

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