City Sponsor: Mother Holistic

Mother Holistic CBD Products Mother Holistic takes a holistic approach to live a healthy lifestyle. Food plays an important role in the process. We believe our connection with Mother Nature provides us with the right foods to do so. CBD-One important food. Nature, exercise, sleep, sunshine, and water are some of the best things you [...]
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State Sponsor: Swell Travels

Our entire Florida ecosystem is deeply connected. We know how vital the existence of Florida’s pristine waters and majestic landscapes are to supply abundant wildlife, wilderness, coral reefs, marine life and much more of all the wonderful things we love to play in, on, above, and around. Florida is home to many of the world’s […]

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Regional Spotlight: Central Florida

Home to NASA off the Atlantic coast of central Florida, where you can bike and walk phenomenal beaches and even cruise automobiles along the coast in certain areas like the world-famous Daytona Beach. Rev it up a notch test driving Nascars at the local racetracks and Skydive over the unparalleled landscape from some the highest […]

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Region Spotlight: Florida Keys

Island-style on island time, the Florida Keys are a coral cay archipelago making up a string of tropical islands stretching out 120 miles off the southern tip of Florida. The islands lie along the Florida Straits, dividing the Atlantic Ocean to the east from the Gulf of Mexico to the northwest, and defining one edge […]

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State Spotlight: Florida

Our beautiful Sunshine State is located at the southernmost tip of North America and is well known for its peninsula shape, natural wonders, worlds of imagination, amazing beaches, and warm relaxing subtropical weather. Even knowing these fascinating appeasements offer much excitement and adventure, but there’s a heap more to shell out of this year-round destination. […]

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