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Join the Swell Travels affiliate program and earn cash back or FREE experiences on everything you promote! Swell Travels Affiliates enjoy our statewide network of high-quality merchant brands and attractive promotions. Earn free experiences, discounts and cash back promoting local deals to your readers, followers, family, and friends!

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Cash Back

Earn 1.5% on all referred partner packages or experiences purchased through your affiliate link.  30 day cookies available!!

Free Experiences

For every 5 paying Partners you sign up, you earn a FREE experience (valued up to $250).

Do you know someone who has an amazing local tour or activity but no website & no way of getting the word out?

What about friends or family who LOVE the outdoors and Florida but really aren’t sure where to go or what to do on the weekends?

Become a Swell Travels Afilliate today and earn cash back or FREE experiences on everything you promote!

How does it work?

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Tell us about yourself and how you plan on sharing information regarding Swell Travels.

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Share your URL with friends, family and business owners and recieve 1.5% on packages purchased by new partners!


Explain Affiliate Marketing?

The Affiliate Program is about relationships; between a Partner (Merchant), you as the Affiliate, and relationships between you and consumers. By promoting Swell Travels’ services and products offered on your social media feed, website, blog, etc., and consumers purchase products/services from the brand based on your promotion, get paid a revenue share of the sale that you helped generate. Compensation can include join incentives, special discounts and/or one-time offers that help you become more familiar with the brand, product giveaways, blog post bonuses, and commissions.

Who can become an Affiliate?

Becoming an Affiliate can be for everyone and easily done. We offer incentives of all shapes and sizes when it comes to our affiliates including individual bloggers, publishers, companies, as well as influencer networks. 

As an affiliate, why should I use social media platforms?

Some great benefits of Affiliates using social media platforms are flexibility of handling your own account, no cost for basic features, and capabilities of placing endless links to reach a large target audience. Get rewarded in a variety of ways for any transaction generated by your promotion.

How do Affiliates get paid?

We pay affiliates in a variety of ways which are determined by the merchant. Swell Travels discounts, free experiences, bonuses and giveaways, along with commissions are among the many ways we compensate for your valued efforts. Three common variables are pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click, which affiliates gets paid when their promotional efforts result in a transaction. 

Is there any cost associated with signing up for the Affiliate Program?

There is NO cost for signing up to the Affiliate Program and you can opt-in for any program or promotions offered. For example, many individuals associated with Swell Travels are a customer, an affiliate, and a partner all linked

How do you track my rewards?

Each Affiliate will be given a custom dashboard on Swell, it will include approved creative layouts for you to use in marketing material as you see fit. You will also be given a full dashboard allowing you the ability to track active referrals, pay-outs, create custom urls and more.

What is the commission rate?

Typically, commission rates are based on percentages of the total sale, and sometimes it can be a flat fee for a transaction. Commission rates vary by merchant, ranging up to 10%. Our top-rated Affiliates have earned the prestigious lifestyle of seeking and experiencing these amazing activities and services in Florida, bringing valued-customers to purchasing these unforgettable offerings, while making a rewarding career @ Swell Travels.

When do I receive pay-outs?

Payouts are typically three days following any successful transaction. All pending, approved, and rejected transactions are easily tracked on your personal Affiliate dashboard. 

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