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It’s not just who We are, it’s also who YOU are! Inspired by childhood dreams. With every breath of air, every footprint in the sand, every splash in the water, and every piece of mud on our tires.  We have discovered a world within this one that takes you beyond your wildest dreams. We work hard, play hard, and live life to the fullest. Our focus aims at allowing people to discover these amazing activities only located in Florida, from highly-recommended sources, at great prices. Our team of adventure enthusiast seeks out the best in the business. Our top priority and relentless effort towards SAFETY is extremely valuable to your experience. We make a constant effort to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, our environment, our partners, and our employees. Every time! We aim at offering a world of activities within the state of Florida, maybe never seen before, to people searching for all kinds of some amazing, heart-warming adventures. 

Meanwhile, maintaining a conscious effort to support the environment that we love, live and play in. Each one of us has a personal and professional role to create, inspire, and share our passion for these awesome activities and the environments surrounding them. At Swell Travels, we work hard and have fun doing it!

Giving Back

Enjoying your environment allows you to think about it. That’s why, here at Swell Travels, we encourage all walks of life to get out there and enjoy it, love it, and cherish it. Make sure we all do our part to preserve and maintain it for many returns. Yes! We like to master everything in the air, on land, and in the water.  Naturally, we want to do it over and over again; even in the future with our grandchildren. Therefore, we know BALANCE is the key to this survival. That’s why we give back a portion of profits to aid in keeping Florida beautiful. After all, giving is receiving. Knowledge of our surroundings and how we view the world is a strong influence on how we treat our planet. We love it here! We also want futures ahead to share the same experience we have, for many years to come. Unfortunately, we know all too well the impacts of damaged environments. This is where we fit in. With every purchase, you are helping to do your part in preserving. That’s right! Every time you are thrilled on your next adventure, take great pleasure in knowing that you are also helping your environment at the same time.

Now that’s something to smile about! Make sure to bring the family and friends on your next adventure and share those charitable memories you will never forget. From the bottom of the oceans to stars beyond our skies, thank you all so much for your support and as always, Swell Travels!



Swell Travels offers everything from relaxing Cruises, Biking, Scuba Diving, and Yoga on the beach, to thrilling Airboats, ATVs, Ziplines, Parasailing, and Skydiving; giving your best adventures in Florida, its perfection.


Satisfied Customers

We honor our Swell Travels valued customers, so play hard and rest easy with Swell Travels 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.



Florida has some of the world’s best and most rewarding destinations in the world. Swell Travels has these amazing areas in the Sunshine State filled with local activities and adventures for you to enjoy it all.


Great Times

Enjoy plenty of Fun in Florida offered by Swell Travels, and feel proud knowing a portion of your purchase we are given back to the local environments, which let us obtain such incredible experiences.

"WE are shaped by OUR experiences, make them great!... YOU will always be living in YOUR environment, so maintain its magnificence! Swell Travels aims to do just that! Shaping incredible experiences for life’s enjoyment while maintaining these amazing areas for endless returns. Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you thrilled on your next adventure!"

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